Bitcoin Wallet: You need to know this

A wallet is a piece of software or hardware that manages all Bitcoin addresses and the associated private keys. With a Bitcoin Wallet, Bitcoins can be held, received and transferred.

A Bitcoin Wallet is thus a kind of bridge, an interface that manages its own public keys and private keys.

What is a Bitcoin code?

A Bitcoin code is a public address, also called a receiving address, to which bit coins are sent. This receiving address can be used to receive the Bitcoin code. For this purpose, the public address is passed on to a stock exchange or to a third party.

A Bitcoin receiving address usually starts with a 1, 3 or bc1q and looks like this:

The receiving address is a kind of account number for your own Bitcoin account. And each public address has its own private key.

What is a Private Key according to

The Private Key is a secret access code for the associated receiving address: The private key is therefore a kind of PIN for the Bitcoin account. And this private key should always remain private!

If you have a private key, you always have the Bitcoins on the corresponding recipient addresses.

A private key then looks like this:

This private key is the access code for the upper Bitcoin receiving address. If Bitcoins were stored on the receiving address, anyone could steal the Bitcoins with this private key.

Of course, storing each private key individually would be a lot of work if hundreds of receiving addresses were used. For this reason, there are more convenient solutions. Wallets, for example, offer backups that can store several private keys at once. Another possibility is a so-called seed, which is used for HD Wallets.

Bitcoins never store on a PC
Once the basics of private and public keys have been understood, another incorrect assumption must be corrected. Bitcoins do not “store” on the PC or smartphone. If the PC is destroyed, for example, you could still access the Bitcoins if you have the private keys.

Remember: You will only have your Bitcoins if you have the private keys and keep them safe.

ZClassic Coin – A branch of Zcash

20% of the yield goes to the developers when mining the Zcash coin. That was too much for some, the mining too unfair. The Zclassic Coin wants to make mining fairer, but retain all the other advantages of the original currency.

These include remarkable security and anonymity. Whether the new crypto currency can outstrip the promising Zcash project may be seen from the forecast.

Zclassic Coin – What is this Ethereum code?

The Zclassic crypto currency, also called ZCL, is a “hard fork” from Zcash. Fork means “fork”. The blockchain of the Ethereum code originated from a bifurcation of the blockchain of Zcash, where most of the code of the blockchain is kept and reused. With its original currency, the Z/classic coin shares some effective Ethereum code technologies to guarantee security and privacy in transactions. This is ensured by the Zerocoin protocol, which was originally intended to be implemented in Bitcoin. This protocol enables two types of transactions, public and private transactions. Both transactions are stored and secured on the block chain. The private transaction, on the other hand, makes it possible to encrypt the address of the Zclassic Wallet of the sender and recipient to such an extent that the transaction can no longer be traced. With the zk-SNARK-Proof the transaction arrives nevertheless without problems. Zk-SNARK-Proof stands for “Zero Perception Proof”.

The development was due to the Bitcoin revolution

With Zcash, 20% is paid to the developers when new coins are prospected. This is not uncommon during the Bitcoin revolution, but many people regarded this high mining tax as unfair. Mining means that Zcash users provide their computers and their power to Zcash to create new blocks of blockchain. The yields from mining are a reward. With the Bitcoin revolution crypto currency this tax is omitted. The upper limit of the ZCL Coins should amount to 21 million, which are created in the course of the time.

Another part of the development, where the developers want to do better than Zcash, can be found in the “Trusted Setup Meeting”. This method protects the entire blockchain in the event that one of the developer’s keys is lost. These keys are passwords that give developers access to the source code of the blockchain.

How Bitcoin & Co. can affect health


Bitcoin millionaire here, Bitcoin millionaire there. One bitcoiner’s life seems exciting and one all-time high follows another. How many Lamborghinis should you buy and when do you fly to the moon for the first time? Everyday questions of a bitcoiner.

However, this is an image that is rather drawn by the media. A bitcoin investment is anything but relaxed. An investment in crypto currencies is highly risky and can result in total losses.

Information processing as Bitcoin Trader

On the one hand, there is a lot of information about Bitcoin that is constantly changing. Not only the price changes every minute, also the technical innovations, dangers and suppliers, which are still considered today as good and safe, can already be uncertain or dangerous tomorrow.

And Bitcoin is just one crypto currency of over 1624 digital currencies that Coinmarketcap currently lists. You have to actively participate in the crypto world to absorb this information as well as possible. And even that is not enough to process all the information. When you think you have understood Bitcoin Trader something, you come across the next problem.

This makes Bitcoin & Co. a Sisyphus task: a tiring activity with no foreseeable end. This fatigue leads to stress and possibly despair, because although it is fun to understand the little riddles of the crypto world, it can sometimes be a bottomless pit.

Day trading | Dependence, working time & losses
Day trading seems attractive, fast profits are possible and you feel alive. Dopamine is released and one is quickly addicted to this feeling. Psychologists and doctors are convinced that gambling addiction is as addictive as classical drugs: Nicotine increases dopamine levels by 200 percent, cocaine by 400 percent and amphetamine by 1000 percent.

With crypto currencies, this intoxication – but also dependence – should be faster and easier to achieve due to volatility. Day traders are looking for the next kick – preferably in the form of a successful trade.

To increase Bitcoin Profit

To increase the dopamine dose, the amount of money that is set is increased. The body quickly gets accustomed to the feeling of intoxication and finally a limit is reached that can no longer be increased with higher amounts of money. And as soon as trading stops creating a feeling of happiness, many slip into depression.

The amount of activity of a day trader is often underestimated. Day trading is a full-time job and you have to keep an eye on what’s going on. If traders miss relevant information by a few minutes, this can lead to considerable losses. In addition, traders Bitcoin Profit must sort information that appears minute by minute on Reddit or Twitter and classify it as relevant or less relevant.

But “living at the limit” is only one aspect of day trading that can lead to stress and strain. Most day traders are also quite unsuccessful.

A study examined the statistics of 83,000 traders who made at least three trades within a given period with eToro – CFD Broker for Crypto Currencies. It turned out that 79.5 percent of traders lost money and on average the loss was 36 percent of the account.

Another study concludes that up to 86 percent of traders fail in the first year. This is mainly due to the lack of expertise and risk management. Larger losses in turn have an effect on the mind.

Losses lead to depressive mood

Hopkins College researchers have found that sudden and significant losses can negatively affect the psyche. This study examined the 2008 bank crash, which showed that those who suffered greater losses experienced at least a temporary increase in depressive feelings and an increase in the use of antidepressants.

This should probably also apply to crypto currencies. However, somewhat weaker, as the crypto market is volatile and even if Bitcoin collapses strongly, this is nothing surprising. In addition, the market usually recovers relatively quickly.

Winnings = Luck?
Not only losses can lead to depressive moods. Life-changing gains can also have a negative impact on mood. Psychologist Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania, for example, found that the great luck of lottery winners lasts just three months.

Why is Bitcoin worth so much?

Many people can’t understand why Bitcoin is worth so much. Several factors play a role that may be overlooked at first glance. Modern paper currencies no longer have a gold standard. They get their value from trust in the currency and trust in the government.

There is no central institution and no government behind Bitcoin. Bitcoin isn’t even physical. Therefore Bitcoin and especially the value of Bitcoin can be difficult to estimate.

The first thing most people at Bitcoin think about is its use as a digital currency for private, instant and global transactions. But what is the difference between Bitcoin and Fiat transactions?

Bitcoin can serve as an alternative to highly monitored payment systems such as credit cards and bank transfers. This is of great importance to those who value privacy.
The divisibility of Bitcoin and the lack of third parties make it a promising means for “micropayments” if a good solution for scalability is found. Reliable, scalable micropayments will revolutionize online trading and advertising.

Bitcoin as a store of value
Despite the tempting prospects of bitcoin payments, paying for lunch is probably not the best use of the currency, at least not yet. For many experienced investors, Bitcoin is a store of value – a kind of digital gold.

Bitcoin Trader is mathematically limited

While central banks can print more paper money, Bitcoin is mathematically limited to 21 million. This shortage means that Bitcoin is deflationary.
Today, many people live in a world of political and Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam? Read This Review Before You Sign Up! financial uncertainty because they fear that their assets will be confiscated, frozen or liquidated after a government collapse. For them, Bitcoin can be an investment that transcends borders, dictatorships and bureaucratic barriers.

Bitcoin Blockchain: The Innovation
The heart of Bitcoin is the cryptographic innovation, which is the real technological and financial highlight – the blockchain. Essentially, the currency bitcoin was only the first application based on the blockchain, but the possibilities of this technology are manifold.

Blockchain is a programmable, native digital technology that enables simple and immediate execution of complex tasks. The technology of Bitcoin Trader is already being used for some applications and it is becoming apparent that more and more companies are turning to the Blockchain.

The price of freedom

Finally, the value of Bitcoin and the blockchain is measured against something that cannot be measured – the promise of financial independence, freedom from regulation and the right to privacy.

Mathematical algorithms ensure that you no longer have to rely on people or parties. You are no longer dependent on corrupt institutions.

These are some points that make up the value of Bitcoin. As long as Bitcoin has a benefit for society, the digital currency will always be valuable.

Other capital goods for Bitcoin Profit

As with all other capital goods traded on the stock exchange, the Monero share price performance is dependent on two fundamental influences:

The development of the industry as a whole

The performance compared to competing products
Crypto currencies made a major appearance in global stock exchange trading in 2017. This was partly due to the entry of institutional investors and media hype. In 2018 we will see a consolidation of the big players on the one hand and a large number of new competing products on the other.

The rise in the Monero share price in 2017 can also be seen in this investment environment. Thanks to its unique selling point (protection of private data), the XMR has prevailed over a large number of competitors and performed better than the industry as a whole: Only a few Altcoins have achieved a market capitalization of 7 billion.

At the end of the first quarter of 2018, however, the Monero experienced a special hard fork: The mining algorithm was fundamentally changed and some imitators used this to place their own coins (such as Monero Classic, Monero Original,…). The associated uncertainties have led to price losses.

Monero share price rises
What does the Monero course depend on?
The price of a crypto currency depends on the trading volume – this requires trust – and this in turn only exists with solid technology. In terms of technology, the Monero has been a showcase project in three directions right from the start:

Flexibility and security of the Bitcoin Profit algorithm

Comprehensive protection of privacy

Data protection was and is the outstanding feature of the XMR and is Bitconi Profit constantly being further developed. With the introduction of RingCT (Ring Confidential Transactions) signatures at the beginning of 2017, the sender and the amount of a transaction can no longer be traced. After completion of the current project Kovri, the Internet traffic will also be encrypted.

The hard fork in March 2018, which caused some uncertainties, had one main goal: to change the basic algorithm in such a way that specialized mining hardware (ASIC) does not bring any advantage for large server farms. The background is that the concentration of Monero Mining in the hands of a few represents a long-term security risk. With the Hard Fork, newcomers to CPU mining are again preferred.

Technical basis for Bitcoin Trader

The trust in this technical basis and the development potential finally prompted the entrepreneur Bitcoin Trader and Monero fan Naveen Jain to found the Coral Reef project, which attracted some media attention.

The project is now supported by numerous music greats, such as B-52, G-Easy, Lana Del Rey, Sia, Backstreet Boys, Scorpions, or Mariah Carey, and this trust is ultimately also decisive for the remarkable course of the Monero 2017.

The Monero Course since 2014: A long approach with a highlight

The Monero was put online in 2014 and took some time to appear on the radar of the major trading platforms. The XMR exchange rate was under one and rarely over two US dollars for a long time. His success and his long approach probably have the same reason: technical focus on data protection.

Bytecoin was initially the crypto currency that provided privacy. As there were more and more indications that the people behind it were working uncleanly, a small team with the Monero finally split off in 2014. Other digital currencies, such as Dash, have now addressed the security issue well and largely covered the demand potential. And it was only when these came under criticism (bad code for encryption and infrastructure) that the XMR gained attention.

New crypto currencies appear

Monero quote – New crypto currencies appear almost weekly on the trading floor. But only a few make the leap into the limelight: Monero (XMR for short) has been one of the outperformers in the industry for two years with price gains of almost 2700 % per year.
After an all time high of over $ 470 it has become a bit quieter again around the shooting star. Is the Monero course a sign of a near end or a breath of fresh air before the next climax? In this blog we clarify what is important for the Monero course forecast for 2018.

Between altitude and the bottom of Bitcoin Profit

The iron law of the stock exchanges is not broken for crypto currencies either: The Monero course is the result of supply and demand. As far as the offer is concerned, that is stable in this case. One of the strengths of digital money is that the available Bitcoin Profit review range of technology and incorruptible algorithms is determined and manipulations are excluded. The development team behind the Monero has also programmed a special feature for him: protection of privacy.

Anonymity now makes the XMR particularly popular and trustworthy. Popularity and trust are two essential criteria that influence the demand for digital money. The Monero share price performance is therefore also a sign that investors are convinced of the real purchasing power of the coin. Before we take a closer look at the XMR share price in retrospect and outlook, we would like to take a look behind the scenes of the stock markets.

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How is the Monero course calculated?

Currently there are more than 16 million XMR in circulation and every 2 minutes (the current blocktime of the Monero) there are just over 4 coins (Block Reward) added. The offer is clearly calculable and is created by Monero Miners. It is therefore not dependent on the Bitcoin Profit review on weather or punitive tariffs, as is the case with other commercial goods.

Every seller can offer his XMR at a price he sets himself. Each buyer will of course only accept the best offer. The current price serves as a point of reference but not as a mandatory guideline.

The price on a stock exchange is calculated as the weighted average of the trades of the last 3 hours. Suppose 10 sales of 1 XMR at € 150 each and 1 sale with 5 XMR at € 200 were completed, then the current rate of € 166.67. Price charts are generated, in which the current rate is calculated and recorded every 10 minutes.

But exchanges also have integrated security mechanisms. For example, each price calculation must have a minimum number of trades completed. This is to prevent a single sale from distorting the price at a weak time (early morning hours).

Bitcoin has finally overcome the biggest psychological barrier

Bitcoin has finally overcome the biggest psychological barrier. A new Bitcoin all-time high of $10,000 has been exceeded and there are no signs of a slowdown. After a week of consolidation to all-time highs of $8,000, Bitcoin gathered its strength to rise over the Thanksgiving weekend.
One bitcoin all-time high after the other
On Black Friday, the currency reached new highs in the upper $8,000 range before surpassing the $9,000 level on Saturday and immediately jumping to the $10,000 level on Sunday. This price increase follows an unusually strong growth in volume, with the fear of missing the trend (FOMO) stimulating new investors.

Bitcoin has had an amazing year. The price increase to over 10,000 US dollars is associated with incredible changes. This growth is not Flash-in-the-Pan either, but is supported by the increasing acceptance of the mainstream and massive trading volumes. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin’s trading volume has exceeded $5 billion. Is the Bitcoin all-time high even justified?

Big Announcements

The year was filled with important announcements that signal the broad acceptance and growth of Bitcoin. Comprehensive coverage by mainstream analysts was followed by enormous growth in bitcoin hedge funds and institutional investors.

Now the introduction of regulated futures markets is imminent and Bitcoin has become the investment du jour of the financial world. Whether they love it or hate it, big bankers can’t shut their mouths to Bitcoin.

The attention Bitcoin has received from the mainstream media has been amazing. Just a year ago, a local newspaper mentioned Bitcoin and the community was thrilled. Large publications mention Bitcoin every day, and no one is surprised. Bitcoin has literally become viral.

In addition, the growth of hedge funds investing in crypto currencies has also exploded. Already in August, the news that 70 new funds could start was a headline.

Another important factor for Bitcoin’s significant gains is the fact that Bitcoin futures will soon be traded on major regulated markets. Two of the world’s largest derivatives markets, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE), will soon launch bitcoin futures.

5 Important tips for investing in crypto currencies

The network is growing

With increasing acceptance, the network is forced to keep pace. However, Bitcoin continued to maintain a large transaction volume as the price has risen. The daily transaction volume now exceeds $2 billion.

While the transaction rate continues to grow, bitcoin mining has also proven increasingly profitable. Miners today earn $1.5 million in fees alone, without block rewards.

The figures are breathtaking, but the most encouraging thing is that market growth cannot be localised geographically. A simple analysis of diagrams from different countries around the world shows that adoption is not local, but global and almost uniform.

Part of the growth in global access is also due to the sudden rise in bitcoin ATMs. Remarkable 4.8 Bitcoin ATMs are installed daily, and these numbers will only continue to grow.

With all this news, it should come as no surprise that Bitcoin has passed the $10,000 mark. And the price will undoubtedly rise as adoption progresses, as new users have to buy at current prices and will increase the price.

Whether the bulls or bears will ultimately make their way remains to be seen, but an analysis of volumes and transactions would indicate that not only is there no bubble, but the vast majority of the public is beginning to become aware of the digital currency. Coinbase and other exchanges report enormous progress in user growth. This could just be the beginning.