New crypto currencies appear

Monero quote – New crypto currencies appear almost weekly on the trading floor. But only a few make the leap into the limelight: Monero (XMR for short) has been one of the outperformers in the industry for two years with price gains of almost 2700 % per year.
After an all time high of over $ 470 it has become a bit quieter again around the shooting star. Is the Monero course a sign of a near end or a breath of fresh air before the next climax? In this blog we clarify what is important for the Monero course forecast for 2018.

Between altitude and the bottom of Bitcoin Profit

The iron law of the stock exchanges is not broken for crypto currencies either: The Monero course is the result of supply and demand. As far as the offer is concerned, that is stable in this case. One of the strengths of digital money is that the available Bitcoin Profit review range of technology and incorruptible algorithms is determined and manipulations are excluded. The development team behind the Monero has also programmed a special feature for him: protection of privacy.

Anonymity now makes the XMR particularly popular and trustworthy. Popularity and trust are two essential criteria that influence the demand for digital money. The Monero share price performance is therefore also a sign that investors are convinced of the real purchasing power of the coin. Before we take a closer look at the XMR share price in retrospect and outlook, we would like to take a look behind the scenes of the stock markets.

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How is the Monero course calculated?

Currently there are more than 16 million XMR in circulation and every 2 minutes (the current blocktime of the Monero) there are just over 4 coins (Block Reward) added. The offer is clearly calculable and is created by Monero Miners. It is therefore not dependent on the Bitcoin Profit review on weather or punitive tariffs, as is the case with other commercial goods.

Every seller can offer his XMR at a price he sets himself. Each buyer will of course only accept the best offer. The current price serves as a point of reference but not as a mandatory guideline.

The price on a stock exchange is calculated as the weighted average of the trades of the last 3 hours. Suppose 10 sales of 1 XMR at € 150 each and 1 sale with 5 XMR at € 200 were completed, then the current rate of € 166.67. Price charts are generated, in which the current rate is calculated and recorded every 10 minutes.

But exchanges also have integrated security mechanisms. For example, each price calculation must have a minimum number of trades completed. This is to prevent a single sale from distorting the price at a weak time (early morning hours).